Sierra Lacey:

 It’s the digital era, so naturally that’s what I shoot. I never had a chance to dabble with film, since I didn’t have a darkroom when I  was 5, not to say I didn’t want one. To me photography is a visual science, both fascinating, and fulfilling. It’s something I picked up, and never wanted to put down. The equipment that I use is all canon, and I prefer a more subtle approach while I’m shooting. Keeping non invasive is part of my nature.

 My style is an editorial/illustrative photojournalism. When we think of photojournalism, the news may spring to mind, but in the case of weddings or portraits, it simply means the photographer is going to capture the events as they occur, with no guidance or setup. An editorial or illustrative style, grants more creative control to the photographer and incorporates the use of props, dramatic layouts, and lighting to make a more surreal outcome. My secret recipe is a perfect blend of the two styles.

 Now as for my love of photography, it all began one fall night in the early 1990′s. I was just a few feet high and my mom just gave me the last shot on her disposable camera, I’m pretty sure she thought I was going to take a picture of her, but I looked up and took a photo of a street light. Upon looking back, I remember how bad I wanted to see that one developed, and I find myself in dark alleys to this day, trying to remake what I saw. Ever since that first moment, I’ve been in love.

 It started with polaroids, and point and shoots, and then the passion urged me to get a DSLR, and if I wasn’t completely entrenched in the mystical world of photography before, I most certainly am now. I try to capture motion into a form of art that I can almost hear, I’ve found if I listen hard enough, that anything is possible.